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Chaco Canyon in the Summer

Chaco Canyon National Historical Park in the Spring

June 30th - July 2nd, 2017  Friday-Sunday

$399 (Double Occupancy) $108 (Single Supplement)

Day One:  We’ll head towards Payson with plenty of sightseeing and a stop for coffee and goodies, on our way to Heber, Arizona, for lunch on self at the Red Onion Restaurant—a true Travel Club favorite.  After lunch we’ll jump back on the bus headed for Farmington, New Mexico, where we’ll check into our hotel—our headquarters for the next two nights.  We’ll take some time for a refresh before gathering for our own Happy Hour, included, and afterwards we’ll make our way to Los Hermanito’s for a great New Mexican style dinner on self. 

Day Two: We’ll enjoy breakfast, included at the hotel.   After breakfast we’ll head for Chaco Canyon.  Chaco Canyon was an important Anasazi cultural center from about 900 through 1130 A.D. About 30 ancient masonry buildings, containing hundreds of rooms each, attest to Chaco’s importance.  Some structures are thought to serve as astronomical observatories or calendars.   Archaeologists discovered jewelry made from Mexican and Californian materials in ancient trash heaps.  Large well-constructed roadways thought to be built for pilgrims, subjects, or traders, lead from sites 50 miles away to the center of Chaco Canyon.  In a very real sense, all roads lead to Chaco.  Though there is substantial evidence that the Anasazi farmed here, they had to use many dry farming techniques to support themselves.  In fact, some archaeologists question whether Chaco Canyon supported itself, or whether outside farming sites sent supplemental food.  There is no written record of the Chacoans.  Most of what we know about them relies on inference and circumstantial evidence.   Almost everything about Chaco is shrouded in mystery.  Its structures are huge and its former importance is clear, but we know little about it.  Archaeology and speculation rule here.  Chaco is a park for the mind.  

We’ll enjoy a picnic lunch while exploring Chaco Canyon, included.  Late afternoon we’ll head back to our hotel in Farmington.  After a refresh we’ll again gather for our own Happy Hour, included, and then it’s off to enjoy dinner on self.  

Day Three:  We’ll enjoy breakfast at the hotel, included, and then it’s bags out and we’re headed for home. We’ll make several great stops and do plenty of sightseeing on this relaxing journey back to the Valley.  This is an amazing tour, offered at a great price.  Don’t miss out on a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. 



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