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Lake Havasu Balloon Festival 2016

Lake Havasu Balloon Festival

January 14th-16th, 2016

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Your Travel Club plans a three day every year to this special event.  Watch your newsletter for details and itinerary.


Great Rivers of Europe

The Great Rivers of Europe

June 11th - 25, 2015

(Pre and Post Tours Optional Tours available)

From .........$6194

includes airfare from Phoenix and travel protection

Cruise through history along the scenic Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers, where medieval architecture beckons from every riverbank ... time-honored wine-making traditions abound at hillside vineyards ... and landscapes seem to spring from the canvases of centuries-old masterworks. As you journey to the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria, you'll get a taste of local culture both onboard and off—like during anApfelstrudel baking lesson in the ship's kitchen, and while savoring a Home-Hosted Kaffeeklatschin Wertheim, Germany. This value-packed European River Cruise has reigned as our most popular trip for more than a decade—we hope you'll see why when you join us. 

  • Depart today on your flight to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Please refer to your individual air itinerary for exact departure and arrival times.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    Discover houses and boats along a canal in Amsterdam

    Arrive today in Amsterdam. You are met at the airport by a Grand Circle representative and transferred to the pier to embark your river ship.

    Enjoy a light lunch onboard and time before dinner to relax after your flight, or do some exploring on your own. Amsterdam is a thoroughly modern city that has taken extraordinary measures to retain its Old World charm and historical significance. The narrow Dutch houses with their tidy window boxes and hand-scrubbed stoops and sidewalks will charm you. The city is easy to get around in and explore on your own. You may want to spend time in Dam Square, the heart of the city. This is the spot where the Amstel River once flowed. Due to flooding caused by high river tides, a dam was built—thus, the square’s name. Or relax and do some people-watching in Rembrandt and Leidse squares.

    During your European River Cruise, whenever you approach a new port or town, you’ll receive a briefing about the area prior to arrival so you can make the best use of your free time. These are called "port talks."

    Tonight, you'll gather for your first Ship Briefing, and you'll be joined by those travelers who took the pre-trip extension to Bruges, Belgium. Then get better acquainted with your Program Director and travel companions over a Welcome Drink, followed by dinner.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View five passengers enjoying a cruise down an Amsterdam canal
  • After returning onboard for lunch, the ship will begin its cruise on the Rhine River towards Germany. You're invited to join your Program Director for an Orientation Briefing about your upcoming trip (during which you will have the opportunity to purchase optional tours).

    This evening, meet your crew and fellow travelers at the Captain's Welcome Drink and Dinner.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship

    This morning, your ship will continue sailing toward Germany. 

    You'll arrive in Cologne after an onboard lunch, and you'll disembark for an included walking tour. Cologne was a Roman settlement called Colonia Agrippina after AD 50 and came under Frankish control in the fifth century. You can still see the ruins of Roman temples scattered throughout the city, including the Roman Gate near the cathedral, once part of the medieval town walls. During the 15th century, the city flourished as a member of the Hanseatic League.

    View a few passengers enjoying their time in Cologne Germany

    Your tour will end at Cologne’s magnificent Gothic cathedral—the Dom. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cathedral largely escaped the World War II damage that ravaged the city and the rest of Germany. There’s evidence that Allied forces had orders to avoid damaging this beautiful structure. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, boasting beautiful stained-glass windows, an ornate gold shrine on its elaborate altar, and the intricate detail common to 14th-century Gothic churches.

    The rest of the afternoon is yours to spend at leisure or to continue your explorations. You may want to go inside the cathedral, or perhaps explore the Roman Germanic Museum to see its magnificent mosaic floor, discovered in the ruins of a Roman villa.

    Share your day's experiences over dinner onboard tonight.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View a few passengers enjoying their tour of Koblenz Germany

    This morning, enjoy a walking tour of Koblenz, set at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers. Originally established as an outpost of the Roman Empire and named Castellum apud Confluentes, the town became a city in the 13th century and served as a haven for French refugees during the French Revolution. During your tour, you'll see the highlights of the Old Town. After your tour, you'll have free time to explore on your own before returning to your ship for lunch.

    You'll then continue sailing toward Rudesheim. En route, you'll pass Lorelei, a large rock rising 440 feet above the river. Since the time of Ancient Greece, there have been legends of sirens, women-creatures who lure sailors to their death with sweet songs. Ancient Germanic legend places one such siren (Lorelei) here, and it is said she enticed sailors to destruction below the rock.

    Upon arrival in Rudesheim, you'll disembark for an included dinner featuring traditional folk music at a local restaurant.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View a beautiful bridge in Heidelberg Germany

    Disembark in Frankfurt, where the morning is yours to enjoy on your own; or, you may transfer by motorcoach for a full-day included tour of Heidelberg. You begin by touring the impressive ruins of the city’s Gothic castle where you’ll have an expansive view of the surrounding area. Your tour continues with a walk in the city.

    From here, you’ll enjoy lunch in a traditional Gasthaus that has been part of Heidelberg’s Old Town for centuries. After some free time to make discoveries on your own, you return to the ship in time for dinner onboard.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View a few passengers enjoying their tour of Wertheim Germany

    As you cruise, enjoy a glassblowing demonstration.

    Then you'll disembark midmorning for a walking tour of Wertheim, a charming fairy-tale town located at the meeting of the Main and Tauber rivers. Admire the imposing ruins of its castle, set on a hill overlooking the town.

    Enjoy the rest of the morning exploring Wertheim on your own. You may want to climb the stairs to the castle and follow the trail around the castle walls. Or you could visit the renowned Glass Museum in Wertheim, where exhibitions trace the history of glassblowing and showcase many exquisite pieces, from classical to contemporary.

    In the early afternoon, you'll visit with a local family and share coffee and cake with your hosts. This is a great opportunity to experience what life is like for a typical family in this section of Europe.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: 
    View a group of passengers at Residenz in Wurzburg Germany

    Early this morning, your ship will set off from Wertheim as your European River Cruise continues.

    This afternoon, we’ll dock in Wurzburg, a city on the Main River in Bavaria. Founded in the tenth century, Wurzburg was home to several powerful prince-bishops for many centuries.

    We’ll enjoy an informative walk here. Perhaps you'll view theResidenz, commissioned by prince-bishop brothers Johann Philipp Franz and Friedrich Karl von Schönborn. The complex was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but has since been rebuilt to its original grandeur prior to the war.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View a beautiful village on Main River in Schweinfurt Germany

    Spend the day on the water as we cruise the Main River and sail into Schweinfurt this afternoon.

    Or, disembark during a stop in Gerlachshausen for an optional tour of Rothenburg. This lovely old town sits on the Tauber River and boasts undamaged 14th-century city walls and beautifully preserved fortifications.

    During your walking tour, you’ll see stately towers and imposing burghers’ houses. After an included lunch, you have the afternoon free to make your own discoveries in this charming town before transferring to meet the ship in Schweinfurt.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    Explore Old Town Hall in the city of Bamberg Germany

    Go ashore this morning for a walking tour of Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site founded in AD 902. Bamberg began to prosper in the twelfth century and was the center of southern Germany’s Enlightenment in the late 18th century. The great German philosopher Hegel lived here, and Bamberg was the second city (after Mainz) to introduce book-printing.

    Today, Bamberg boasts 2,000 buildings listed as historical monuments, and its old city center is Europe’s largest existing group of historic buildings. The city was awarded the title of “World Cultural and Natural Heritage of Mankind” by UNESCO in 1993. After your tour, you have some free time to explore Bamberg on your own before returning to the ship for lunch.

    This afternoon, you'll set sail for Nuremberg. En route, your ship will enter the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal, and your Program Director will tell you about the construction and history of this engineering marvel. Please noteDuring the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal transit, it may be necessary for the Captain to close the Sun Deck because of low-standing bridges.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View a group of travelers in front of a beautiful fountain in Nuremberg Germany

    This morning, you'll disembark for an included tour of Nuremberg, Bavaria’s second-largest city and the most important city in Franconia, with a local guide. Once the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg evokes its exalted past with its imposing medieval Kaiserburg (Imperial Castle). However, its more recent history is intricately linked to its role in World War II.

    During your included tour here, you’ll visit the Zeppelin Field where the Nazi party held rallies for up to 100,000 spectators. The rally grounds were designed by Hitler’s chief architect, Albert Speer, who went down in history as “the Nazi who said sorry” during the Nuremberg Trials. You’ll learn more about the trials during an included tour of Room 600, the courtroom in which the hearings took place.

    After lunch onboard, you may choose to relax or take advantage of our shuttle bus that will bring you into town. There, you might explore the Documentation Center, which offers a sobering look at the causes, context, and consequences of the National Socialist reign of terror.

    Or take time to explore Nuremberg's Old Town on your own. Nuremberg was devastated by bombs during the war. Afterward, much of the city was rebuilt and its Old World charm was painstakingly restored. Today, the city thrives as a bustling industrial and commercial center.

    Dinner is served onboard the ship this evening.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship

    This morning, we sail to Kelheim. You can enjoy leisure activities aboard ship.

    Or, delve deeper into the Danube's scenic splendor this morning during our optional Bavaria: Baroque & Beer excursion. In Kelheim, you'll board a ferry for a ride through the beautiful Danube Gorge, Donaudurchbruch, the river’s narrowest and deepest stretch. From your ship’s outdoor deck, you'll enjoy up-close views of towering Jurassic-era limestone cliffs as you wend your way along this scenic passage.

    View a beautiful bridge in Regensburg Germany

    Then you'll arrive at the Weltenburg Monastery, a Baroque construction of stucco, polished marble, gilt, and painted ceilings. There, you have the opportunity to reflect in the cool stillness of the abbey—Germany's oldest, founded at the beginning of the seventh century by the Abbot Eustasius. The compound also houses the oldest monastery brewery in the world. Here, visitors have enjoyed its famous dark brew for nearly 1,000 years. You’ll then transfer by motorcoach to Regensburg, where the ship has cruised to meet you.

    After lunch onboard, enjoy a walking tour of Regensburg, Germany’s largest medieval city. Since the historic city center was undamaged during World War II, it remains beautifully preserved.

    Your tour features the Old Town Hall and the famous Stone Bridge (Germany’s oldest bridge), constructed during the twelfth century. You also see soaring St. Peter’s Cathedral, a Gothic church adorned with beautiful stained glass. Admire the narrow medieval streets and the relics of Regensburg’s Roman past at the ruins of Castra Regina fort—the Porta Praetoria—containing a stone inscribed in AD 179, when Marcus Aurelius was emperor.

    After your tour, enjoy time to explore on your own.

    Tonight, just before dinner, join a shipboard discussion on Germany Today that relates to the great political, social, and cultural changes that have swept the country in recent years.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View St. Steven's Cathedral and Danube River in Passau Germany

    After breakfast, you'll enjoy a walking tour of Passau, situated at the confluence of the Danube, Ilz, and Inn rivers. Called theDreifluessestadt (City on Three Rivers), Passau is an elegant town that has served as a German cultural and intellectual hub for centuries.  

    Your tour includes a visit to the Dom, the lavish St. Stephen's Cathedral. This magnificent 17th-century cathedral contains one of the world’s largest pipe organs, with 17,774 pipes and 234 resounding stops. While the cathedral underwent a 17th-century reconstruction in the grand Baroque style, its original Gothic plan is still evident. One of its most striking features is the gorgeous octagonal dome that hovers over the intersection of the nave, where the congregation sits, and the transept, which runs perpendicular to it.

    Then the afternoon is yours to make your own discoveries. Perhaps you'll visit the impressive Bishop’sResidenz, the 14th-century Town Hall.

    Our evening cruise carries us into Austria, the third country on our itinerary. Join your traveling companions for a cocktail, toasting the close of your cruising days with this group. Then, the crew bids you an official adieu at the Captain’s Farewell Dinner, as the ship cruises toward Melk.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship

    You arrive at Melk early in the morning. From your ship, you'll be able to see the formidable Melk Abbey as it rises up from the surrounding countryside along the Danube. After breakfast, you can disembark to explore the town on your own.

    Or, you may choose to join an optional excursion to the dramatic 900-year-old Baroque abbey. This magnificently ornate structure has a long and storied history. Strategically situated on a steep, cliffside perch, Melk Abbey's earliest incarnation was as a Roman border post. Later, it served as a tenth-century Babenberg fortress. It became a Benedictine monastery in 1089 and earned a distinguished reputation for medieval scholarship. Its library includes more than 70,000 books and 2,000 manuscripts, chiefly from the ninth through the 15th centuries.

    View some passengers aboard a boat enjoying a cruise down a river in Melk

    Umberto Eco, author of the well-known book The Name of the Rose, a murder mystery of monastic intrigue, was inspired by the grandeur of Melk Abbey. Heinrich von Melk, a Benedictine brother from Melk Abbey who wrote the ironic poem "About Priestly Life," is one of the novel's main characters. The novel contains a great deal of scholarly information about the Middle Ages (Eco is known primarily as a scholar) and the compelling politics of medieval religion. The book's setting is fictional, but the story climaxes with a devastating fire that mirrors the real history of Melk Abbey, which was ravaged by fires in 1297 and 1683. The stately Baroque edifice that stands today, with its twin towers and 208-foot-high dome, dates from its reconstruction in 1736.

    In addition to those thousands of volumes, the Abbey library houses a remarkable collection of cherubs, and 365 windows—one for every day of the year. The interior of the Abbey's church is a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and gold—with a magnificent carved pulpit and shimmering ceiling frescoes. During your tour, you'll get the chance to observe and explore it up close, learning more about Melk Abbey's fascinating story. The cost of this optional tour includes a winetasting in the Abbey's restaurant.

    After setting sail again, your travel on the river takes you through the lovely landscape of the Wachau Valley—past terraced vineyards and lush flowering fields—on your way to Vienna.

    This afternoon, enjoy an Apfelstrudel demonstration onboard.

    In the early evening, you arrive in Vienna, Austria's capital. Here, you can relax or spend time exploring and dining on your own.

    Or, join us on an optional Musical Vienna tour. Vienna without music wouldn't be Vienna. So, subject to availability of tickets, you can enjoy an unforgettable evening in one of Vienna's famed concert halls. You'll hear enchanting performances of some of the most wonderful melodies of classical Austrian music by professional singers.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship
    View some passengers aboard a boat enjoying a cruise down a river in Melk

    After breakfast onboard the ship, you'll enjoy a tour of Vienna, including the Ringstrasse, probably the greatest achievement of the Emperor Franz Joseph. In 1857, the Emperor ordered the demolition of the ancient city walls, which were no longer needed as fortifications and which were impeding the growth of the city. In their place was constructed an elegant 2.5-mile-long boulevard, encircling the Innere Stadt (Vienna's Old Town). The Neo-Classical buildings along the Ringstrasse bring together all the greatest architectural styles in an exuberant celebration of all that seemed possible during the Industrial Revolution.

    Our stroll continues along the city sidewalks, passing by the well-known Hofburg Palace, home to many generations of the Habsburg family, and the renowned Spanish Riding School.

    The afternoon is then yours to relax or do some more exploring.

    Later, after dinner onboard, you're free to do as you please this evening. Ask your Program Director for exciting suggestions.

    • Meals included: 
    • Accommodations: ship

    After breakfast, you'll disembark the ship, and you'll be transferred to the airport for your flight home. Or, you may opt to begin your post-trip extension in Vienna, Austria or Prague, Czech Republic.

The Great Rivers of Europe

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Exploring Hopi Land

Hopiland and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

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$459 (Double Occupancy)  $105 (Single Supplement)

The Hopi Indians, who live in the arid highlands of northern Arizona (located in the southwestern part of the United States), have inhabited the same place for a millennium, far longer than any other people in North America. They are not only the oldest dwellers in this land but are considered by most other Indians to have a wisdom, a knowledge of things, beyond average comprehension. Peace-loving and knit tightly together by clan relationships, they are intensely spiritual and fiercely independent. Their all-pervading religion is a many stranded cord that unites them to their stark, and beautiful environment. (From Hopi by Jake & Susanne Page)

Day One:  We’ll leave the Valley with a stop for coffee & goodies, on our way to historic Flagstaff, Arizona, where we’ll enjoy lunch on self, at one of our favorite restaurants—1899 Bar & Grill.  This lovely bistro is decorated with dark wood and hand blown glass lighting and best of all, it is a project from NAU’s Hotel and Restaurant management program, where the student run kitchen turns out contemporary American fare that is out of this world! After lunch we’ll spend some time exploring Flagstaff’s charming downtown area, then it’s back on the bus, as we head for Tuba City—the Western Gateway to Hopi and home of The Moenkopi Hotel.  This is the first hotel built on Hopi tribal land in 50 years and was the inspiration of the Elders of Upper Village of Moenkopi.  It was their vision that their village should be a place of welcome and gathering for visitors to the land of Hopi.  After checking into this lovely hotel, we’ll take a minute to refresh, and then we’ll head into Tuba City for dinner on self.

Day Two:  We’ll enjoy breakfast, included, at the hotel, before meeting our Hopi guide, Gary Tso.  Gary is without a doubt, the Travel Club’s favorite tour guide!  But don’t just take it from us—he has been recommended by the New York Times Travel Section, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, National Geographic Travel Magazine, Fodor’s Travel Guide, Frommer’s Travel Guide and 1,000 Things to See Before You Die. Gary will jump in the bus with us and take us into the villages throughout Hopi Land.  The Hopi occupy an area of approximately 2,439 square miles in northeastern Arizona at an elevation of 5,800-6,000 feet.  The Hopi people live in 12 villages located in three regions referred to as First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa.  While language and custom are similar, each region has features that are unique from other regions.  Traveling across Hopi  is traveling across some of the most open and pristine land in the American west.  Gary will take us through these living villages—the original homes are still intact and have been continuously occupied for centuries.  We’ll stop for lunch on self at the Hopi visitor’s center, where the menu offers both American favorites and traditional Native American dishes.  After touring the Hopi villages, we’ll return to our hotel and refresh before dinner on self and a free evening. 

Day Three:  We’ll enjoy breakfast included at the hotel.  After breakfast, it’s bags out and we’ll head across the beautiful and remote stretch of highway, from Tuba City to the Desert View entrance of the Grand Canyon.  This lesser known east entrance to the Grand Canyon, as with all sides of the Grand Canyon, features the most magnificent views of what took Mother Nature millions of years to create, earning it the distinction of  one of the world’s Seven Wonders.  Less accessible, offering fewer amenities, the Desert View entrance is also less visited by tourists.  We’ll begin our “East Rim” tour with a stop at the iconic Desert View Watchtower.   And this is what you will see from there: to the east the Painted Desert, then follow the Colorado River and watch it make a big loopy turn to the west, the North Rim 10 miles ahead, and a panoramic view that stretches out more than 100 miles!  From here we’ll get back on the bus to experience the Desert View Drive, a spectacular 25 mile stretch running east to west along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We will stop at plenty of breathtaking outlooks, as we make our way to Grand Canyon Village and the Maswik Cafeteria, where we’ll enjoy lunch on self.  After lunch we’ll leave the Grand Canyon and travel Highway 180 towards Flagstaff, another incredible Arizona scenic byway, also  known as the San Francisco Peaks Road.  We’ll stop in Camp Verde for a pit stop and ice cream, then it’s back on the bus and we’re headed for home.  This is an unforgettable tour—don’t hesitate to call in your reservations!


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